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Indigo Arts Gallery

Project Summary

Complete migration and rebuild of a 14-year-old HTML website with over 3,000 pages and products. In their first year they made over $47K in sales.


  • Complex taxonomy display system so that products can be located based on region, medium, artist name etc.
  • Stock tracking system
  • Complex shipping calculator

I have worked with Oculeum over the last year in designing a new, state of the art website for my gallery.  Originally designed in 1998, the old website had been revised and added to for seventeen years, such that it was literally staggering under the weight of content, much of it no longer relevant.  

Katharine’s task was to construct a new website which lived up to current expectations of clients while retaining a character which was true to my original enterprise.  We required a capability for online commerce and advanced search for a huge variety of artworks, as well as accessibility to the ever-increasing range of mobile devices.  This also required the transfer of literally thousands of individual artworks, artists’ biographies, photographs and press information to the new site.  I was very pleased that Katharine was able to accomplish this with a great deal of patience and a minimum of disruption to an ongoing business, and complete the work in time for the holiday season. 

The results so far show that we have maintained our previously good search results while substantially increasing our online sales.  Equally important, she has created a system which I was quickly able to learn to maintain, add to and edit myself, and which promises to be flexible for the changes in online technology that will surely keep coming.  Katharine has been very accessible, and has responded quickly to any issues that have arisen.  Working with Oculeum has been a very positive experience.</div>
Tony Fisher, Owner



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